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SQL Insert to Laravel Seed Script Converter

Convert your SQL insert statements to a Laravel 8 database seed script.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laravel is a web framework that runs on PHP and is used to create custom applications. Also, it is an open-source free framework. Laravel handles all the things that are annoying to do manually. It handles things such as Authentication, routing, and HTML templates. Since it runs on PHP, Laravel is a server-side framework.
Copy and paste your SQL insert statements on the first input box, then click the convert command. Note that your SQL needs to have INSERT INTO to get a valid Laravel seed output.
Laravel features a tool that allows developers to store dummy data in the database. The process of including this dummy data is called seeding. You can add data for testing to the database table using the seeder. This is a handy feature for testing. Because it helps developers optimize performance and detect bugs.

How do I write a seeder?

You can generate a seeder by executing the following Artisan command.

php artisan make:seeder UserSeeder

All the seeders that will be generated will be placed in a directory called database/seeders. A seeder class features one method by default: run. Once the db:seed command is executed, then the default method is called automatically.
You can use the "call" method within the DatabaseSeeder to execute other seed classes. This method allows you to simplify the database seeding. It helps prevent seeder classes from becoming too large.

How to run seeders

You can start by seeding your database using the db:seed command. But, this command runs Database/Seeders/DatabaseSeeder class by default. This will, in turn, invoke all other seed classes. To do it right use, you need to specify a specific seeder using a --class option to run independently.

php artisan db:seed

php artisan db:seed --class=UserSeeder

Or, you can combine migrate:fresh command and --seed option to seed your database. This command drops all the tables then re-runs the migrations only.

php artisan migrate:fresh --seed
Not all seeding operations are safe; some may cause you to alter or lose data. The production environment has been configured to prevent this from happening. It does this by promoting a confirmation before execution.

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