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Timezone converter

Convert date and time between many different timezones at once.


Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to do is select your region, and you will get a list of timezones from different parts of the world. Or, you can enter the target or convert Timezone and compare it to your local time.
GST, EST, and GMT are acronyms for:
Greenwich Mean Time - GMT
Eastern Standard Time - EST

The term standard refers to the fact that it is a timezone based on the Greenwich meridian (Longitude 0°). As a side note - the Greenwich meridian passes through London. There are many time zones based on the Greenwich meridian, each 15° (three hours) away from GMT.
UTC is the standard time used in most parts of the world. It stands for Universal Time Coordinate, and it's a 24-hour clock based on the Earth's rotation. In other words, UTC does not account for daylight saving time. To convert from UTC to local time, you must add the number of hours that your country's time zone is ahead of UTC. For example, if it is noon in UTC and the time in your country is 6 pm, then you would add 7 hours to get a total of 11 pm.

How do you use a timezone converter?

You need to select your Timezone first. This is the timezone to compare it with other zones, including UTC. Then, select your city from the dropdown menu using the above tool.
You can use a time zone converter tool such as this one to check your Timezone.

Where is the UTC zone?

The UTC timezone is the same as Greenwich Mean Time or GMT. The only difference is that UTC is the same across the world, and GMT can vary depending on your Timezone.
You can check the UTC now using the above tool.
The `UTC` time and date format are the following:
YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmZ (or sometimes YYYYMMDDhhmmZ)

For example: `2021-03-09T06:00Z` means `March 09, 2021 at 6AM UTC`
The `EST` time zone abbreviation is a common way to express dates and times within the United States. This is defined as being -5 hours behind UTC; thus, `EST` is the same as `UTC-05` in the time zone converter. EST stands for Eastern Standard Time.
The world has 24 different time zones, and they all exist at different times. For example, if it's 3:00 in New York City (NYC),then it is the following in the other time zones: Chicago (US central time zone) = 08:00, Sydney (Australia) = 17:00. If you are a developer, you need to know the timezones to develop features that work in line with all the regions.

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